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Creating Value-added Solutions

Hee & Partners strive to serve business partners by creating value-added solutions for customers. We are capable of meeting their needs, and seek positive and constructive changes as a leader in reform.


Business Consulting

We serve as a virtual and mobile Chief Finance Officer (CFO). We are professional consultants specialized in internal Audit, risk management, working capital management.

Business Coaching

We are certified KCA coaches capable of finance coaching, business coaching, career coaching and life design coaching, suitable for a high-level management.

HR Consulting

We have 20 years of expertise in MNC & LC. We are professional consultants specialized in new recruits, outplacement, reference check, personality diagnosis and organizational recruiting.


We are capable of training finance for individuals with non-Finance background, coaching and mentoring.

Why professional consulting is important?

It’s time for the company to revisit the basic, and to improve its profitability. There is an answer on the financial statements to improve the bottom line.

― Helen, CEO of Hee & Partners

More detailed guidance on business plan which involve significant impact on bottom line. Provides partners with alternative options as an advisor.

― MJ, Amazon


  • 18 years of experience as Cheif Finance Officer (CFO)

About Us

We are Hee & Partners.

We create value-added Solutions for our business partners.